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30 startup ideas that require less than £1000 investment.

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Image: 30 startup ideas that require less than £1000 investment.

30 startup ideas that require less than £1000 investment.

1)      Personal caring service

With a growing amount of people hitting retirement age due to the baby boom in the late 40s early 50s now is the perfect time to set up a personal caring service. A lot of older people don’t want to end up in a retirement home and a lot don’t need to end up there. Luckily for you a lot of families don’t want their elderly relatives to live with them. You can step in and offer 2hours a day service where you check up on them, clean up a bit, cook them a meal anything they want. It will be cheaper and less heartless for the family than sending them to a retirement home.

2)      Odd jobs for the elderly

Similar to the idea above but more on a freelance basis rather than a set time. This may be just to go and cut the grass every few days or cleaning the windows. You can charge a higher rate than a regular carer as you would be on call and doing fewer hours than a regular freelance carer.

3)      Freelance teacher

If you have a skill, use it. You may be a computer whizz or multi lingual, whatever your skill is you can bet that others in your local area want help with it.

4)      Information websites

Information websites make their money through advertising. The great thing about them is once information is up on the site it won’t go anywhere and you can watch your earnings go up everyday without having to do anything. There is a fair bit of competition though so it will have to appeal in a graphic way aswell. Once you get 1 million views a day you can make about 25k a year.

5)      Blogging

Find a subject you enjoy and start to write about it, day after day week after week. It does take a long time to get going but you can make good money from it. You have to spend a lot of time link building though. It’s hard to traffic at the start as blogging is very popular to the moment and there can only be so many. Having a good level of knowledge is a must an inside knowledge of your topic would be even better. For instance if you blogged about a football club, if you worked at the club this would definitely give you an edge of your competition when you found out transfer news before everyone else.

6)      SEO consultant

With so many websites and blogs being set up everyday getting to the top of search engines is becoming harder and harder. The days of submitting a list of keywords to google has gone, now it’s a complex process (although not as complex as some people make out). The fact is it is a time consuming process, endless link building, changing your text to suit new keywords every month or so. Every website really needs at least 20 hours a month to get anywhere fast. Take a slightly different strategy to your competitors and get paid per page rank, this will encourage smaller companies to opt for you.

7)      T shirt business

This is a potentially very lucrative company although startup fees are around £1000 as you have to buy a top quality heat press such as a Stahl. However you can find out if people like your tops by having them printed at your local printing t shirt shops, then you only invest in the equipment when you find some of your t-shirts that you know people will buy.

8)      Domain name trader

Of all of the startup ideas listed this is probably the most lucrative, you can make thousands, but don’t be fooled you have to work hard and its very unpredictable. I wouldn’t recommend doing this full time especially if you have a family because its hard to predict so you may make thousands one month and then literally nothing the next.

9)      Penny stocks investor

Similar to domain name trading but probably even more unpredictable and there is the added risk of scams such as pump and dump schemes. However if you want to spend a lot of time looking at the companies you are investing in, you can see which are the ones that are worth it, but trust me, 90% of penny stock companies aren’t worth it.

10)  Selling lost luggage

There are regularly auctions at Heathrow and other airports selling peoples lost luggage, You cant open the cases before you buy them so its pot luck what’s in them. Its unlikely you will find something very valuable because the original owners would have made the effort to find them, you can make several hundred pounds per case however.

11)  Repair service

Like the teaching service anything you have expertise in will help you here. If you’re a computer nerd you can set up an online repair shop where people send you part’s that need fixing, after fixing them you simply send them back. It doesn’t have to be modern technology it could be something like sowing back together a broken wetsuit.

12)  Business plan writing service

With unemployment very high more and more people are turning to self employment. Often they need funding and to get this the most common option is submitting a business plan to the bank. If your good at English and have written business plans before why not write them for people. Have a set of 20 questions to ask them so you get enough information.

13)  Cleaning service

This is a bit more expensive to set up as you will need transport and a range of equipments but there will always be work as things will always need to be cleaned.

14)  Editorial services

Good at English? If you educated to degree standard, then why not get set up an online review centre, where people can submit, reports, homework, coursework, books anything they want. You check the grammar and spelling and return it to them.

15)  Marketing online

This can be done in a number of ways but it can be hard to measure. You can set up websites for company’s and post links around the internet. If you live in a city you could organise flyer drops and stick business cards at supermarkets and on public notice boards.

16)  Door to door sales

You could advertise yourself online or through cold calling companies. Start with small companies and suggest you could get 100 signups and that you will work for commission, who would say no to you?

17)  Sports/ fitness coach

With Britain having a good level of success at the Olympics an Andy Murray winning Wimbledon there is plenty of motivation for people to take up a sport and get fit. If you are good at a sport or just fit its never been easier to get a few basic qualifications and start your own coaching company.

18)  Graffiti removal service

I suppose this business could go under if teenagers stopped doing graffiti, but fortunately that’s never going to happen. After getting some transport and paint removing equipment, send out emails to lots of businesses and the local council offering your services at a lower price to your competitors.

19)  Photographer

You can sell your photos online at places like istockphoto. You will need a very good camera and be very good at photography, but if you have those two then you can make some very good money.

20)  Babysitting

People will always need babysitters. Also it’s a market that’s easy to get into as people who do it grow out of it or want to do something on their Friday and Saturday nights. But your in luck in you don’t have a social life because people pay up to £20 an hour for you to watch telly. Most however pay about £6 an hour, but still not a bad wage for doing very little.

21)  Pet care

This business can cover a number of situations, people could go on holiday and need someone to look after their cat, they may just need the dog walking every day or maybe they just want their mirco pig looking after a few mornings a week. You could easily fit this service around your current job. Just make sure you have certain hours when the animals are dropped off so you are always in to meet people.

22)  Handy man

Are you multi skilled? Done a lot in your life? Got a variety of skills? If the answer is yes then this could become a great business project for yourself. Just be prepared to do anything, from small to big jobs. Oh and you will need to do a lot of advertising to get enough work.

23)  Delivery service

If you are very fit and patient and enjoy working long hours then you will fit into this business sector nicely. You can choose between a push bike, motorbike and a van in towns, if you work in the country then you should probably choose a van!.  Start small and local build up a good relationship with local companies, maybe help out a local charity for free to get good publicity.

24)  Translator

This startup idea will need you to be able to speak at least two languages fluently, preferably qualified in a few aswell. If this is not an issue then why not get a webpage and advertise yourself as an emergency translator. You could offer tons of other services like translating text, helping people who are learning a language

25)  Writer

Being a writer requires natural talent, but a lot can be learnt and it takes time to learn so don’t despair if your not perfect at first. Start blogging then writing for websites, move onto short stories and then ultimately a novel.

26)  Late night alcohol delivery service

This startup idea is one i posted on ideas reaction like many. This idea was voted best of the month and I believe it’s the best one written so far, it could genuinely work in a city. Basically I deliver alcohol to peoples houses during parties or after they get home from clubbing once everything has shut for the night. Remember to sell at premium prices!

27)  Personal chef

A lot of busy people don’t want to get home and cook a large healthy meal for their family. With healthy lifestyles becoming more fashionable and it now the norm for mums to go out to work, there’s never been a better time to launch a personal chef company. Ask them what they want, then go round, cook it, wash up and leave. They enjoy the extra family time and you enjoy the profits.

28)  Social media assistant

Most businesses realise the value of social media now, but a lot of businesses still aren’t on twitter and facebook. Offer your services to multiple businesses and you may be surprised at how many offer to hire you on a freelance basis because they don’t want to have the trouble of learning everything to do with social media.

29)  CV consultant

With unemployment high in the UK there is a massive market for CV consultants. Everyone needs an edge on their competitors, your job is to prove to them that you can be that edge and turn their current CV into a job winner.

30)  Website design

Learning to build websites isn’t as hard as most website designers claim, they can charge high prices due to this misconception. Learn HTML and wordpress and before you know it you could be making £30,000 a year easily.

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Good article, a few different ideas to the normal ’50 startup’ articles.

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Some different ideas here to the usual startup ideas, I like them. You also dispel the myth that making money online is easy here, which I like.

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