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A few marketing ideas

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Here are a few marketing ideas for your business.

  •  Flyers and posters

 Go around your area putting up posters on walls and flyers through letterboxes. This is a moderately cheap but is very hard to track its success. If you have about £20 spare why not get some business cards. Hand them out to everyone you meet and stick them up in the local chippy.

  •  Merchandise

 This could be lots of things, pens, post it notes, clothing. Like the business cards hand them out for free and they will work there way around. Make sure your employees where the company attire when out and about.

  • Talk about your business, word of mouth

Always try to bring it up when talking to people, encourage your friends and family to do the same. Obviously don’t be rude, but its amazing how you can find the opportunities to bring it up.

  •  Money off vouchers

 Why not put an advert in the local paper about your company, and then have a cut out bit which is a voucher. This will drive people to your business and they can see what a great job you do.

  •  Give out free samples

 This may be handing out chocolates in the street or offering a free 10 minute massage. Either way like the money off vouchers it gives you chance to show the world what a good job you do.

  •  Online

 Create a website and create a social networking presence. It’s important to constantly update everything to make people come back for more. Add pictures and video, people like this sort of thing.

  •  Sponsorship

 Maybe buy members of the local homeless volunteering group jackets and put your company logo on them. This will make your company more visible and make it look more caring. Copy the tactics of other famous brands and businesses, Sponsor a local go karting club like red bull do.

  •  Partnerships

 Create partnerships with other companies, not too similar that they could be considered a rival though. For example if you are a nursery chain maybe you could create a partnership with a baby cloths company.

 Sorry its not much but I hope it helps for now.

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good article but you haven’t offered people something they don’t know.

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