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Business that make money in the modern day and the future

Business that make money overview

Image: Business that make money in the modern day and the future

When deciding what business to start up or invest into you need to look at current market trends and try to work out what industry will grow in the future. Here are a few examples of business that make money.

Renewable energy – With the worlds population set to grow, energy demand is set to increase. There is no doubt that non renewable energy sources will run our at some point, no one knows when but the clue is in the title ‘non renewable’ they will run out! So look to renewable energy companies when investing or if you are really flush why not buy land and create a wind farm!

Food and farming – This idea is really based on the reasons above; the population is growing so the demand in food will increase. The great thing about a farming business is that because land can be used for so many things and you cannot make any more of it, its price will only every increase unless very strange circumstances take place (e.g nuclear disaster, motorway built) so if you fail you will be able to sell the land for at least the same price. Going into farming is not easy though, there is no clocking in and out, but if you don’t mind working on a wet, windy, dark Sunday night in February then farming may be for you.

Old people services – With life expectancy improving all the time and the birth rate decreasing (UK) it means that the country will have a very top heavy population. This is a great business opportunity for people with big and small budgets. A larger budget (Millions) could have you create a care home or buy out a failing one and improve it. A more modest budget could see you set up an errands, odd jobs, shopping or gardening and diy service. This is a business that makes money, serious money.

Exporting quality products abroad- This is a more unusual idea. You often hear people talking about importing cheap products from china a selling them here. Although you can make money out of this idea it is very competitive and perhaps now a bit diluted. With middle classes growing in China and India why not export high quality British products abroad. Or create a website with the opposite aims of, listing contact details of high quality factories in Western Europe in mandarin.

The internet – Every time I watch TV I notice more and more of the adverts are for websites. They are the future of business. I seriously doubt in 10 years there will be high streets left in Britain such are the advantages of setting up businesses online. It’s so much cheaper anyone can do it, so it’s actually really levelled the playing field.


I hope these five business sectors that will make money now and in the future will help you deciding what business sector to go into.

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