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Can you become more creative?


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Creativity is vital when it comes to business. If, for example you are creating a new food product for it to become a success it will need to stand out. To make it stand out will require a certain level of creativity. You can higher a chef to create it, you can higher an accountant to balance the books, but to create a genuinely world beating brand you will need to be creative because your product will have to be as unique as possible so you will have to think outside the box and be creative.

The question I am attempting to answer is, is it possible to become more creative? We have already seen how vital it is for our business example in the food industry, but are you born with creativity or can you develop it? I am not saying anyone can become Beethoven or Einstein, because this is no doubt a natural talent like that cannot be learnt but scientist do believe that your creative side can be improved. It is hard to learn however, because it cannot be simply taught to you like spelling or telling the time can. It will also take a while, years if you are a quick learner. I will outline a few methods which may help you on your quest to become more creative.

Change some of your habits.

Sometimes something as simple as changing the order in which you do things in the evening can aid your creativity. This could be something like doing the gardening in a different way. You may think, how will that help me design a great company logo which will stand the test of time? Well changing a simple pattern that you have done for years will create new pathways between brain cells, which in tern will aid creativity and original ideas.

Remove distractions and let your mind wander

This can be very hard, especially if your setting up a business at home. In the peace and quiet sometimes try to let your mind wander. This again has links to increasing your creativity levels.  Archimedes the Greek polymath, apparently discovered the principle of buoyancy when in the bath. Obviously these are linked with what he was doing, but he didn’t have a bath to work out the theory of buoyancy, it came to him whilst he let his mind wander and he had no distractions. So I am not saying have a bath when you have a creative block at work, just don’t worry because your answer may come somewhere when you least expect it.

Sometimes just sit and be quiet.

This is different from the reason I have just mentioned in the fact that it isn’t an everyday task you normally do like bathing. Light a candle, dim the lights and just sit and watch. Don’t think about any particular problem you may have, try to empty your mind. Thoughts will drift in and out if your head, although you may not have any solutions right at that moment it will help you in a time when your not expecting it.

Don’t think of the past or future

Focus on the present time, obviously look ahead with some issues, like your business plan, but don’t let it dominate your thoughts 24/7. Think of the present as much as you can.

Try new things

Listen to new music, eat new foods, try different hobbies and read new books. Basically the more you experience the more you will find solutions to previous problems. It’s hard to be creative for example if your stuck in a job you hate. So don’t get stuck in a rut, and make sure your constantly challenging yourself, otherwise your brain will get bored and will cease to work at full power.

Do a few boring, simple mundane tasks everyday.

Not for too long because your brain will get bored. Something like shelling some peas or a straight forward drive to work can help solutions to your problems present themselves. Allow your thoughts to form and don’t stop them. Just remember to focus on the road at all times! Although a car crash might be a new experience I spoke about earlier it wouldn’t be a positive one!

These are just a few methods I think you will find helpful when aiding your creativity. Overall its clear you need to try new things but have times in the day when you relax and try not to think of your problems.

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