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Combining Energy drinks with Water


My startup idea is not watered down red bull! lol. I have thought of selling a normal sized bottle of water (500mil) with a few natural energy sources to create a half way house between a normal bottle of water and something like lucozade. I will sweeten it with Honey, cranberry’s (very faint) hazelnut and a little bit of caffine. This will create a drink that has a few natural sitmulants perfect for a post workout drink or a long car drive. The problem a lot of people have with sports drinks is that they contain Aspartame and a lot of sugar, mine will not. Although I don’t claim they will be good for marathon recoveries they will be good for gentle 30 Min exercise sessions. I will market it mainly on the fact that honey sweetens it, although this will make it a bit more expensive, honey is basically natures answer to an energy drink. It give slow releasing energy and doesn’t have the level of nasties sucrose has. Cranberry’s and hazelnuts are also very healthy and create a wicked flavour. Would you lot try it?

Created 12/13/2013 at 05:10 PM by JuliaHaverson in Specialty Food

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You will need high startup funds but you could use something like kickstarter. Try to find more niches like creating the bottle out of recycled plastic or something.

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