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Creating your company’s logo

Creating company logo help

Image: Creating your company’s logo

I am going to list the things you should consider before hiring someone to design your companies logo or creating one yourself.

  •  Firstly take your time, don’t rush and get it wrong. Look around at your rivals and see what they do. If you are setting up a jewellers then you will notice the more fancy high class fount are you going to try to stay moderately similar or take a risk and try something totally different.
  • Think of how it can link into your company and its history and morals and aims. How many of you see the FedEx logo and see the arrow? This is definitely not a coincidence; they saw the opportunity of linking a forward moving company to their logo. Also look back at how twitters have adjusted their logo, now it’s a outlook of a bird on an upward trajectory.

Now you need to think about potential logo’s and what you need to think about

  •  Don’t follow trends – it has to last the test of time.
  • Try to make it memorable and unique, simplicity is the key.
  • Don’t uses more than many colours. eBay is the company who do so that shows it’s not impossible to make it work but most companies use only a few colours.

Once you have thought up a logo, you know have to make sure you do certain things when creating it.

  • Make sure you use a vector image, for those of you who don’t know what this is, basically it means you can enlarge it without it losing quality
  • Use a proper graphic design program not clip art.
  • Make sure it will work on both white and black backgrounds.
  • Use only one fount; it would look terrible if you had a few different founts.

One thing I hear a lot is people saying make sure it says what service your company offers. Ignore this advice, think of lots of famous brands they in no way describe what the company does. They may say something about the company but they don’t say what they offer.

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I mean startup idea

00 - Report abuse   August 7, 2013 at 3:38 pm by Darius Morton

good article but it contradicts your startup idea, they all have to be custom made.

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