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My idea is to create an online service that would help those looking to start a new blog, niche website or online business find a strategic and effective domain name for their site.  The process would work like this:

1) The individual would complete a questionnaire providing input about their blog, niche site or online business. Information would include their business idea, target audience. . . and other information.  This would help me gain an appreciation for how they want to position themselves in the marketplace.

2) Next, I would conduct a 1-hour call with the individual to go over the completed survey, gain clarity and gather any other information that may be of value.

3) Next, I would use this information to brainstorm domain name options, evaluate them and then select the best names for them to choose from.

The pricing structure would have three options and be based on the number of domain name  options provided.  At the highest price point I would also have a 1-hour follow-up call to give them the thinking behind my selections and identify the best one or two that I would go with “if I were them”.

To support my evaluation of this idea, I would greatly appreciate your feedback on the following questions:

1) Do you think the concept has merit?

2) If you were starting a blog, niche website or online business, would you be willing to contract out such a service?  If so, why?  If not, why not?

3) If so, what price would you think would be fair?

4) Again, if you were interested in the service, how many name recommendations do you think you should receive from me for the price you feel is fair to pay?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this.


Created 12/20/2013 at 04:12 PM by jsyrowik in Information Websites

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Hello Joe,

This is a really good idea. Since the Google panda updates SEO is becoming harder and harder and the domain name is very important for this process as I am sure you know. It also of course says a lot about your company and target audience. I have a few businesses and although I personally wouldn’t use your service because I have have contacts who would help me for free, I think a lot of people would use it, especially bloggers who have a decent amount of money behind them. You would attract both the ‘get rich quick’ type of person and the more intelligent individual who is looking at a career change but doesn’t have the required expertise.

What price should you charge? Well that depends on your qualifications and experience in the industry, I wouldn’t charge too much at the start. If it takes you 4 hours per customer, maybe £60?

The only issue I would raise is make sure your you have a contract written by a lawyer. If you offer an ‘if I were them service’ you have to be careful as they could blame you if it doesn’t work.

Good luck

00 - Report abuse   December 20, 2013 at 6:20 pm by Purdeyent

Thank you so much for your timely and insightful thoughts. Being a first-time small business entrepreneur I’m learning as I go.

Given that you have contacts that provide you this type of service, can you tell me what they charge to customers who are not their friends, like you are? This will be of additional help to me.

Again, thank you for your timely reply. . . and, happy holidays.


00 - Report abuse   December 20, 2013 at 6:31 pm by jsyrowik

Sorry I didn’t explain the situation that well. I simply know people that know a lot about SEO, domain names, online marketing that sort of thing. They don’t provide it as a service to the public I would just go to them to ask for advice if I needed it, if that makes sense. This is partly why I think this is a good service because although most likely there will be similar things I haven’t come across them so if you market well I think you could get a lot of business. My advice would be to start part time and as cheap as you can, then reassess the situation in six months once you understand the market and competition a bit better.

00 - Report abuse   December 20, 2013 at 6:56 pm by Purdeyent

Certainly potential but only for the high paying customers. A lot of people start blogs to make quick cash and won’t want to shell out of a service they may deem unnecessary. If you can get a really good reputation it can work but I would actually charge more at the start because it will make you seem more professional and as a result you can get the high quality customers.

00 - Report abuse   December 20, 2013 at 7:03 pm by liz

Great point on the segment (high paying customers) that you think should be targeted.
I’m definitely considering the target market and corresponding price point to charge.

Part of me wants to go volume (low end) because I think there’s more customers there. The other part wants me to go higher end because I could charge more. . . plus, the added benefit of having more credibility as you point out.

If I go high end to start, I can always go “downstream”. But, it would be difficult to go “upstream” after starting at the lower end.

Thanks for the input!

00 - Report abuse   December 20, 2013 at 7:16 pm by jsyrowik

I like the service and I agree with liz. However what you charge ultimately comes down to how good you are at it.

00 - Report abuse   December 21, 2013 at 6:21 am by Tomas Beaumont

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