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In the modern age more and more people are deciding to work from home. This can be for a variety of reasons such as family, health or increased productivity.  Companies are becoming increasingly tolerant of people’s requests to work at home, as if people wish to work at home, it is likely they will become more productive and thus more valuable to the company. However if you want to go into business you may feel it is likely you will have to rent an office and go out to work to maintain a professional image, although there is truth in this view there is no doubt it is easier than ever to set up a home business. There are a few startup ideas here which are perfectly suited to a home business.

 Online businesses – With the rise of the internet this is the most obvious answer. Simply find what you like doing and make an online business out of it. Certain businesses will be better suited to you if you really want to stay in your home a lot of the time. With most companies and people now using Skype it means you don’t even have to arrange the dreaded meetings in coffee shops if your worried about people being put off by your office in your house. A few example of online businesses are online consultancy, web design, importing or exporting, currency trading the opportunities are endless.

 Baking- Baking isn’t really the most difficult of thing, you follow a recipe and it should come out ok. However if something ever changes (like the oven heating up too fast) someone who only follows recipes will come unstuck and a good baker will be able to still produce a good piece of baking. If you have this talent why not get your kitchen registered as a legal cooking venue and start baking.  The best place to start would be to contact local shops and cafes offering yourself to bake consistent food.

Writing – This home business idea requires even more talent than baking. To become a professional writer in any field requires talent a lot of hard work as well a very high level of discipline. If you have these skills though bear in mind how much easier it is to get work sold now than before. Not only can you set up a blog but for the real novelist’s among you can upload and sell novels on Amazon for people to download on their kindle, this is very different from the past where you had to find a publisher. This is further proof that the internet has made business easier to get into no matter what your background, so now there is no excuse!

Farming – Not for the faint hearted, this is more of a way of life than a traditional job but a business it is none the less. You will never get a day off, have to do very long days and work in all weather but despite that it is a very satisfying job. What you put in you will get out.

 Carpentry – A skilled job that will require training but like a few on this list very satisfying and can be all done from you garage. Once you buy the equipment and find a space big enough you can get to work. However this will be a very slow burner unless your very talented you will find it takes a long time to learn, most good carpenters are much older and have years of experience.

Although some of these jobs may seem like distant dreams to you right now, especially if your low on confidence stuck in a boring job you hate, but remember that until you take control of your life and take a risk or two to achieve the lifestyle you want you will be forever stuck in your position. Working from home is a truly great way to live, don’t be afraid to take the plunge.

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Direct sales is another. Just make sure you have a free landline contract!

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