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How important is project scope?

Project scope in small business

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How important is project scope?

This article analysis how important your businesses project scope is when starting up a small business. For those of you thank don’t know project scope is the part of project planning that includes determining and documenting a number of project objectives, deliverables, schedule, tasks, resources, targets, costs and deadlines.

But how important is all this for small businesses? I often come across people who plans as they go and say their goal is to become a ‘success’ or a ‘market leader’. Mind you most startup ideas on this site are very small and in the early stages, so should you really focus on project scope and business plans if you want to set up a part time gardening class?

This author thinks it partly depends on time, if you have time to do it then yes its far better to do it, but don’t let it drag the fun out of your potential business because if you loose motivation by spending hours and hours on things like your project scope you may get put off going into business.  Another key factor in deciding weather to spend time working on your project scope is what type of business you want to go into if like some ideas here you want to go into the soft drink industry then yes you would be foolish not to spend hours on your project scope as it will stop you loosing track of your overall goals. However if you want to sell hand made bracelets on eBay then working too much on your project scope is foolish as like I said before you may loose passion in what your doing or even get intimidated by the complexity and talk yourself out of going into business. Because lets face it, business plans and project scope is an area of business that is made far more complex than it actually is. You read on some online business forums people mocking and being very scathing of others who maybe know less about the technical side of their chosen business category, in truth most of the technical knowledge can be picked up very quickly, but the confidence and creativity of going into business can’t be.

So in conclusion do project scope only if you the time, but for most small businesses it really is possible to skip it out and spend more time actually setting up your business. You should have overall figures and goals in your head anyway so I would ignore the critics and first focus on making your business profitable then worry about your project scope.

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Surely project scope is always done even for small business, just in the business owners head I mean project scope is just market research isn’t it?

00 - Report abuse   August 29, 2013 at 6:46 pm by HHH

True, but the article asks weather its worth committing the time to putting your project scope on paper. To have it ‘in your head’ is never really a great idea for obvious reasons.

00 - Report abuse   September 18, 2013 at 12:02 pm by Purdeyent

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