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How to sell a product without begging.


Image: How to sell a product without begging.

I am a salesman by trade, I freelancer myself to companies offering to sell their product. I specialize in trade sales and have sold in cities such as London, Abu Dhabi and Brussels. I often take a cut of 15% of the days profits made through my sales – so if I make the company 10,000 in profit I will take home 1,500. Although it’s often a lot more than that! Anyway here are some methods I use.
1)    Know your product. It may not seem that important for amateurs but devote at least a week to learning everything about the product you use and the rivals on the market. Find its strengths and weaknesses, work out what you will say when people ask certain questions. At least 30 hours work is needed here.
2)    Perfect a simple and short introduction. You need to try to speak for no more            than a couple of minutes to the customer outlining the basics of your product and its benefits to their lives and finally how its like nothing they can get anywhere else without bad mouthing your rivals, as this puts people off.
3)    Ask them questions. This is important for two reasons. Firstly because this way when they answer a question you are learning about them and the more you know the easier it is to sell to someone as you will calculate which methods will work with them. Secondly when buying something people often like to be the center of attention and by asking them about themselves, they will warm towards you, I often feel, for this reason, when selling the salesman is more important than the product.
4)    Answer their questions in a natural way. If you have followed point 1 and done your research no question will throw. However if you answer to quickly it will looked staged and even if it’s a good answer it will put them off, that goes back to what I just said about the salesman being more important than the product. I have been to trade sales where salesman have actually interrupted questions as they know what to say, it looks terrible and always annoys buyers.
5)    Don’t say your price is negotiable. Again I’ve seen it happen. The moment you say it people will think why on earth is your price is negotiable, what wrong with the product? I am not saying never negotiate but only do if they engage the negotiation.
Good luck

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Good points. Especially the negotiable point, even on eBay you see people saying things like open to offers, why admit you will go down? You want people to think they are getting a good deal!

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