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Investment in the care industry


If you are interested in becoming an investor ask about the following points:

  • Outline what type of business you want to invest in.
  • How much money you have to invest.
  • Outline some of your own relevant history: do you have experience in the industry? Is it your first business venture?
  • What type of person you are willing to invest in.
  • How far developed their business has to be.

Amount Invested: £50000

Good day,

My name is Andrea Agostini. I a an Italian 37 year old man who has made money working as an engineer for Pirelli. I have moved to the united kingdom to start a new life as an investor/entrepreneur. I really needed a change. I will explain more about my life if you contact me.

I have 50,000 pounds to invest in a company that is in the care industry, either as care homes, a call out care service or anything similar. The business has to be a few years old and making a profit. You need to explain how the money can increase your sales and take you to the next level.

Message me if you are interested, either through this site or my gmail address.

Thank you.

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