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Just a tarmac track for rent


Due to the feedback from my last idea  (which i thank those whom took part) I have realized i cannot create a full scale go kart track. However what do you all think to just buying a field near a populated town that has no go kart track. Laying down tarmac in an interesting shape, maybe copy a famous race track like silverstone or old hockenheim. Add maybe just a small shed (portable one) for people to keep dry in. Then rent the track out for motorcycles, karting, boy racers etc. I recon i could charge £50 per hour max 10 vehicles. It would cost very little in upkeep and it would be a safe way to see how much people are interested in motorsport in the area. what dyo guys think? oh yes and i have found a tarmac contractor

Created 04/19/2013 at 06:19 PM by Johnk in Aged Care Accommodation

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I love motorsport and racing but you need a lot more than just tarmac, certain safety facilities are compulsory in Italy I would imagine you are more strict in the UK. You will need barriers etc

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