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Online marketing ideas

The internet is still growing since its inception in 1991, no one could have imagined then the importance it would play in the future. Businesses set up now would simply not consider not having an online presence and even companies run by the most stubborn of old men often have a website. Although I would never discount traditional marketing methods such as leafleting and small ads, the great thing about online marketing is the sheer volume of people who you can reach. In no particular order here are a few online marketing ideas.


Blogging is a very useful thing to help your online profile for two reasons. Firstly it allows customers to learn more about you both as a business and as a person. Giving off a good impression is vital if you want to build your company. In the modern world it is imperative to give off a good vibe, brands such as ‘innocent’ are a perfect example of this good vibe high sales business. The second reason blogging is good is because the weekly posts will aid your websites SEO. Google is moving away from valuing keywords and number of backlink’s you have towards quality and unique content on your site.

Refreshing your website

Go over your website right now and check all the words and phrases. If your website is a few years old you may realise that your target audience has changed slightly and you need to adjust the language and phrases you use accordingly. Google’s latest updates also like a website that updates and changes so this will potentially raise you a page in Google searches.

Linkedin and Social Media personal profiles.

You may wonder why your personal profile is important, after all people have busy lives they won’t check, will they? Well if YOU were going to buy an expensive product or service from a business you would probably want to check out the owner first. If for example you need a fitness trainer and after finding a few you check out their Facebook and you saw  images of them on a drunken night you probably wouldn’t hire them, knowing that everything they say about diet is hypocriticle. Linkedin is also vitally important, all of your endorsements on your page will help persuade a customer that you are the service they are looking for.

Social media and re tweets of relevant topics.

Having and maintaining a number of social media profiles goes without saying, especially google+ as this will aid your SEO the most. However unless you can devote an unusual large amount of time to your social media its unlikely you will be updated and tweeting new posts every day. This means to keep your page active you should be constantly retweeting relevant information, this will keep you followers happy and give you some respite and creating new material.


Marketing videos are probably the hardest thing on this list to get right, but they also offer the highest rewards. If a video that promoted your company went viral you could get millions of hits in return. Of course going viral is extremely difficult and the thing about it is that it’s virtually never planned. So just focus of creating a good, to the point and funny video and you never know, you might get lucky.

Adapt your site on the seasons

With Christmas coming up a lot of sites with adopt a Christmas theme, such as snowflakes and a random Santa Claus. This will make people realise that your site is up to date and you mean business.

If you have any more online marketing ideas please message me and I will add them.

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Good article, esp the personal profiles bit as most people overlook things like that. Why the poker chips?

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Yes the picture was on a bit of a whim, think of the poker chips as the different ideas ?!? :S

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