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Open to invest in a good business plan


If you are interested in becoming an investor ask about the following points:

  • Outline what type of business you want to invest in.
  • How much money you have to invest.
  • Outline some of your own relevant history: do you have experience in the industry? Is it your first business venture?
  • What type of person you are willing to invest in.
  • How far developed their business has to be.

Amount Invested: £5000

Unlike most people through being a very good businesswoman i actually made money whilst at uni, rather than built up a debt. I am now 25 and am making a lot of money through my online self help business. I am prepared to in invest in a good business plan. I am not a business angel though, I will invest but not do any work, we will agree a set price for me to be paid back- most likely in the double my money region over 10 years.

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