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My idea is for a flat pack micro home system called pod-u-like. It is a variation of existing forms of small home such as the caravan, mobile home, container home, home office, but with some key differences. The key features of pod-u-like are : Small and compact – can be delivered by an 18cwt van Easy assembly from lightweight components by 1-2 persons – competent diy standard Lightweight steel frame Options on internal layout Dry construction – ie no plaster or concrete foundations required Adjustable legs for easy levelling on site Option of mains electric hookup, mains water and mains waste or chem wc available Pre-wired Electric heating Can be easily extended laterally in small modules at a later date. Can be moved to new site ; by dis-assembly or towed – optional wheel fittings available Units can be stacked up to 3 storeys – giving 3 separate dwellings Everything included for living or working – shower, wc, mini kitchen Solar pv panel options Cheap home Well insulated floor, roof, walls and windows – requires little heating Applications and Target market: Emergency accommodation. Brownfield sites ideal Councils and Charities needing cheap, versatile, quickly erected temporary /semi permanent accommodation for the homeless. Home owners wanting additional accommodation or studio/home office in the garden – most cases would not require planning permission. Holiday homes in park settings. Competition: There is competition for the pod u like, most of which has its place in the market, but is different from my concept. There are kit homes, but these are full scale permanent homes made in a factory and delivered on large lorries, assembled by skilled persons, requiring full planning permission and building regulation approval. Container homes: Being thick solid steel these are over engineered for their application; they’re heavy and require expensive craneage; there’s also a fair degree of skill and equipment and waste with cut outs for windows; the dimensions are basically fixed and the width in my view is narrow. I work as an architectural designer and have not undertaken business ventures. phase 1. I would initially work up drawings for the pod which would not cost anything. phase 2. Get estimates for a prototype construction from a manufacturer. say £25K for one off manufacture. Construction estimates would probably be free. phase 3. Discuss feasibility and market more fully; seek orders

Created 04/16/2013 at 01:34 PM by eyefull in Aged Care Accommodation

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Good evening ‘eyefull’, I like this idea, but who is it aimed at? The public might be put off worrying that they couldn’t put it up, some people struggle to put tents up!

20 - Report abuse   July 12, 2013 at 4:59 pm by Tomas Beaumont

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