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Positives and negatives of a home based business idea.


Image: Positives and negatives of a home based business idea.

Positives and negatives of a home based business idea.


Spending more time with your family

Presuming you have a family (if you don’t I really wouldn’t recommend a home based business) then this can only be a good thing. Your working hours can be very flexible so you can work from the moment the children go to school to the moment you need to pick them up. Plus a couple of cheeky hours work when they go to bed. A recent article in the Huffington post suggested a common regret when dying was that people regretted working so hard as they hadn’t seen their family as much as they would have liked. Well I think working hard and improving yourself is a great thing, but also you should be there for your family if you have one, working at home and you can do!

Rent free office

Renting out an office to work in can be a large expense, especially if you are only just setting your business up. Converting the spare room into an office can save you a lot of money. Make sure you keep your home and work space very separate though otherwise it wont work and temptation will set in!

No commuting time

If you don’t live within a 1 mile radius of your workplace it is likely you will have to either cycle or drive, this takes time, time that can be spent at your computer doing valuable SEO work, or time spent at your telephone ringing potential clients. Working at home means you will save potentially an hour or so a day. You may even spend this extra hour in bed, but even this will help and you will be more awake when working!



Working by yourself everyday can be a bit lonely, no one will ask you how your weekend was, no one will hear you get a few annoying things off your chest, small things like this can get you a bit down. If you are prone to periods of loneliness perhaps look at shared offices, these offices allow people to rent a desk in an office, so you will work next to other people who will be renting their own desk for their own purposes.


Even people who are fully committed to their business have lapses of concentration, any weaknesses you have in this area will be ruthlessly exposed by working at home. Can you resist the temptation to take the dog for a walk when it prods you with its nose (although you should have the door closed to separate your home and work space)? I think this is probably the biggest put off for people who work at home; they fear they will loose concentration.


It may be potentially awkward to invite clients over for meetings and for the meeting to be at your house. What happens if they see that the washing up hasn’t been done? Even though you hear stories about some famous entrepreneurs having meetings at coffee shops this often results in awkward jokes by whoever you are meeting and this could put you off your stride.

Overall I think working from home will either work for you or it won’t.  Some people can make it happen whilst others will simply lack the self discipline and start multitasking work and home jobs during the day.

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