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Re-useable, Green, Recycled christmas cards


Its getting to the time of year again when everyone starts sending christmas cards to each other. The only thing is, this is such a waste of paper. There is a growing concern in the world about environmental causes so there is potential for a business here. The cards I have designed are like a normal one but laminated so you can write on them with a special pen that you buy with the card. The pen has a fine tip so can be used for very neat writing. Then when someone recieves this card they have a special liquid which can remove this ink and they can send the card out the following year. This would save forests and forests worth of paper. I need about 5,000 to have the products designed and for the first MOQ amount. Is anyone intrested? We have the opportunity to create the worlds first Re-useable, Green, Recycled christmas cards!

Created 11/5/2013 at 08:17 PM by jbently in Product Improvements

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