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I am leaving school this summer and have a long summer holiday. Rather than just go to parties with my friends i want to actually do something worthwhile. I was wondering about going to auctions which sell lost luggage. I have done some research and it sounds like you make in profit terms about £100 a case! That’s net profit! I know these auctioneers sell cases at Heathrow I think. I was just wondering if many people have been to any, what your experiences were? Is there a minimum age to buy? if anyone could give me any info I would be gratefull!

Created 04/6/2013 at 05:42 PM by Chriswicks in Racket Sports

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This is a great idea for a kid like you. Here’s my overview of your business idea.

Competition-None! :D
Opening costs-None! :D
Profits-Moderate (200$-700$ a week)
Upkeep costs-None! :D

Business idea rating-10/10

You’re gonna go far kid.

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