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I have stumbled upon a market for my music performance, and I would appreciate some feedback.  I sing and play music from 1920s-50s.  I found that I can call Activity Directors at senior homes and book gigs for as much as $150 for an hour presentation.  I have calculated that I need 7-10 per week at an average of $100.  It appears feasible if I am in a population center and can manage travel costs.

My current issues:

* Have to stay on the phone to build up the schedule

* I don’t live in a big population area, so there are not enough venues here.

* Willing to relocate but not sure where.

This seems to be an ideal focus for my talents and a way to become profitable as an entertainer without all the hype and hassle.  I just need to get more bookings and find the money required to relocate.  (My unemployment and savings have run out.)

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The first thing that jumps out at me is why you need 10 appointment at $100. Surely your unemployment benefits are far less than that. Why not go to a town which can get you 4 a week and perfect your skills. Iron out any issues you have then move to a bigger place and start charging a higher rate and maybe do a few more. Surely 10 a week would give you serious burnout? How long do they last anyway?

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Thanks for the feedback. The sessions only last one hour. And I don’t consider singing 7-10 hour one-hour session to be a cause for burnout. Add in another 10 hours for travel, and we still at only 20 hours. Then I will have another 10 hours for promotion (mostly phone calls) and another 10-20 hours for rehearsal. A normal work week is 40 hours, and this is manageable.

A lot depends on how much my expenses are. I am considering moving to a large city, where I could keep all my bookings within a 50-mile radius.

7 per week X $100 = $700 >> $2800 per month.
10 per week X $100 = $1000 >> $4000 per month.

I think it’s pretty sensible to perform for 10 hours or less — these would be billable hours — and prepare, travel, promote, etc, for 30 hours a week. Am I missing anything here?

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I see, I thought they were more like 3 hours long. Then if you add on travel of an hour each way, plus 1 hours prep you had 6 hours for one show. Then doing this 10 times in a week would get very tiring, it’s not just the length of the working week but also if a week involves working 7 days it gets more tiring then cramming it all into 5 days. I don’t know why I thought the sessions would be that length, just a bad presumption.

The beauty of a business like this is that it doesn’t need large investment to test it. The best way to measure it’s future suitability is to do it. Have you done much in your current town at the moment? I would try there, just to test, then move to a bigger city. As to not being sure where to relocate I would suggest you base it on market research through phone calls, then just go to the place where you think you will get the most business. Beware of course that people being interested and people hiring you are very different things :)

Good luck

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