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Simply click on the "create startup idea"link and write your own business project (you can only see this link when you have signed in). Remember this is for specific startup ideas only, if you request advice regarding your career plans or help running a business please use the Busininess Discussion section and if you cannot find a category to suit you please contact us an we will add it in for you.

Title Start Author  
Online personality tests to measure your strengths 10/7/2013
at 07:36 PM
Restaurant 10/5/2013
at 01:21 AM
The boring clothing company 10/3/2013
at 08:24 PM
Kids clothes 10/2/2013
at 04:38 AM
co-op investing 10/1/2013
at 04:41 PM
Can you make money using Zazzle? 09/26/2013
at 12:44 PM
House analysis for green improvment 09/24/2013
at 08:33 AM
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