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Temporary jobs to get whilst setting up your business

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Image: Temporary jobs to get whilst setting up your business

Temporary jobs to get whilst setting up your business.

If you are in the process or thinking of setting up a business unless you have a high level of savings it’s likely you may want a part time job to pay the bills.

To find a suitable job for the time being you need to analyse when you want to work on your business and when you want to be working at your temporary job. Also I would advise to get a job that will not be stressful and require high levels of energy. This way you can spend time working on your business and not trying to relax after a taxing shift.

1)      County council secretary.

If your setting up a company it’s likely you will have decent administrative skills. All of those phone calls to potential clients and suppliers will stand you in good stead. The recession has led to a lot of public sector jobs being part time and this will actually help you because ideally you only want about three days a week. Google your local county council and have a look on the jobs page, they are always recruiting part time temporary secretaries.

2)      Postman

This is probably the easiest of all the jobs I mention. It’s very well paid and you often finish by about 2.00pm leaving you the rest of the day to catch up on your business matters. Also due to you not being in an office, why not find some shelter and call someone in the mourning, no-one will find out! You also won’t find yourself mentally tired at the end of the day, it’s very simple.

3)      Bar work/ waiter

This job may well leave you a bit tired during the day if you have had to work till 3.00am. The hours though will be very good because you have most of the working day free, leaving you plenty of time to work on your business. This job is also very sociable, you will meet lots of people and you never know when one of them may be a perfect client.

4)      Extra work/ modelling

If you are blessed with good looks, why not send your pictures off to a modelling agency. You will get to choose your work hours and you will be very well paid. If you do not have the required looks consider being an extra in films. Wages are very low and hours can be long, but you will find that you do not work every day so you will have plenty of time to work on your company aswell.

5) Freelance your skills in a small business

I know you will be working flat out to launch your main business. However you could spend a little bit of time launching a much smaller temporary business. If you are a skilled Gardner for example why not leaflet the local area and do gardening for a few days a week. If you have skills online like web design or SEO use those skills to do an online business then you can have total control over your hours.

6) Retail

Retail may be a dying industry but it’s not dead yet, there are still part time sales jobs that can be great for people who lack qualifications to get anything better. Generally work will just be on tills and although it may be boring you can spend the hours thinking about your business and funnily solutions to your problems always present themselves at random times when you are thinking about something else.

As you will have noticed these jobs are all very different, they are all however part time and can be left very easily. Of course it’s possible to get a job that is permanent or full time but do you really want to start your business life by lying to an employer about your long term plans? Just be careful because this job even though its only temporary can be more important than you think…

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