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Test your startup ideas using Google Adwords.


Image: Test your startup ideas using Google Adwords.

If you watch TV shows like Dragons Den you will be aware how many people spend a fortune on bad startup ideas. It can be quite funny to watch when the dragons pull their business plan apart and they look quite the fool. The reason they have wasted their money is because either they are simply terrible at business or because they became so involved in their own idea they became blinded to its weaknesses. The truth is most people find themselves in the latter option, its nothing to be ashamed of when you put a lot into something you will want to see it succeed so badly that they become blinded to the obvious. However this no longer need be the case. In just 3 simple steps you can get not just feedback from people but an actual answer of weather your startup idea is a good one.

 Step one – Get a single webpage or a landing page as they can be called. Fill the landing page with a sales pitch of your product or service and give an email address where they can sign up or order a product. Don’t make it too long or complicated it needs to be a short and concise sales pitch. You can use a website like Wix, Weebly or even Go Daddy to create a single landing page.

 Step two – Head over to Google Adwords and purchase about £50 worth of ads. Obviously target very relevant keywords and accept that you may not be on page 1-3. Don’t pay too much for the keywords other wise you will end up spending your £50 within a couple of days and this may lead to unrepresentative results.

 Step 3 – What are the results? Do you have any enquires? If you do then your startup idea has a future, if you don’t well don’t worry it better you found out now then spend 10,000+ on finding out later.

 Obviously you still need to apply common sense here. People are going to be less likely to enquire than if you have a full website as they may fear a scam. Also this method doesn’t work so well on food and drink products due to it being hard to get the ads to the right target market. They will work best on new products and services.

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