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The best startup ideas on ideas reaction 2013


Image: The best startup ideas on ideas reaction 2013

The best startup ideas on ideas reaction 2013

Since ideas reaction was launched in march of this year we have had a real variety of startup ideas. Some moulded to fit and improve existing businesses and some totally new products and services. I think its fair to say some were better than others, but despite some lacking potential I am thankful people have always remained polite when assessing other peoples ideas. We have not seen the sort of vile abuse you see on bigger sites where just misspelling a word can land you a torrent of abuse. These are my favourite startup ideas of 2013 . If you disagree, explain why in a comment.

House analysis for green improvement – Victoria Ashbeck

This fabulous idea involved an industry expert visiting a house and recommending changes which help save energy and thus money. This business is well thought through and would help the company, the individual and the planet. If you get the resources from a ethical source you may well have created the most ethical business in the country! Victoria if you haven’t started this company yet why not? Its fantastic and one of my favourites.

Making money by selling information online – Liz

This is an unusual startup idea and I personally don’t know if it would work but I think it would be worth the risk. People of course pay for information when on certain types of sites, such as websites containing information of the national census of the past when looking up family history. However this site was to simply sell random bits of info such as inside knowledge of impending football transfers, could this work? I think if you created a site where everyone could sell info to each other you may be overcome with spammers and scam artists but this may be the only way to generate the traffic needed to make the money. If Liz you ever do create the site, put if on the business discussions page, we would all love to see it. Its a good idea but I fear its limitations would limit its quality and long term future.
Rabbit meat – Nigel-Ashton

Obviously this is not really a new startup idea, but it is a growing market and no doubt could become a success. The UK has tonnes of rabbits and most people would happily eat them given the chance (cooked and sold in supermarkets of course!).  You would get children not so keen on eating ‘bunnies’ but in reality they eat lambs and piglets (far more interesting creatures if you have ever kept them). Nigel backs his idea up with facts and makes a compelling case. Would you eat rabbit meat?

Pie delivery – D-C

Can’t say I would order any but a lot of people would no doubt be tempted if hundreds of flavours were on offer. An interesting comment from jayce involved him ‘wishing’ it was in the states. I would imagine this type of thing would actually do better there but then again you can order meals as complex as a Sunday roast these days so why not a range of sweet and savoury pies. D-C make it happen.

Kids clothes – Jdright

This startup idea generated a lot of interest, mainly because jdright followed up the questions asked(something you should all do!). Any idea that involved giving people power and democracy seems to do well in the 21st century that’s dominated by democracy. The only downside to this is the high startup fees, however with our new investment page getting investment no longer needs a daunting trip to the bank, although you will still have to make a great case. Like the idea and hopefully there will soon see a website set up for it.

A refurendum app – jonnyburst

This is the only startup idea I have put on here which generally got bad reviews. People suggested that teenagers would spend time on apps are less interested in politics so wouldn’t use it. True in some parts, but I think people are just focussing on the stereotypical teenager, what about students, or sixth formers. If anyone doubts this app maybe they should visit the site This app could help epetitons get the required amount of signatures. Jonnyburst I recommend you develop the app, or if you don’t have the time get a freelancer to do it.

So these were my favourite startup ideas of 2013, do you agree?

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