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The Giving Tree Charity


The Giving Tree Charity is an organization that brings businesses and consumers together for the good of charity. How it works: First people download The Giving Tree Charity App and select a charity that is important to them. Then businesses can donate to the charities in exchange for the user’s interaction with the business. Everybody wins. People are given an easy tool to help a charity meaningful to them. Charities can grow and build a better world. And businesses can effectively reach their target audience.

App features:

  • The app will have a wide range of charities to choose from.
  • Every member will have their own profile and can see how much they have raised for their chosen charity over time.
  • Members fill out a short questionnaire that allows for a more specific target audience for the businesses to reach.
  • Businesses will donate per interaction with each member. An interaction is not necessarily an advertisement. It is more specific and engaging, making it more effective. An interaction might include an activity, game, a short questionnaire, a promotion, or just a quick advertisement in the form of a ‘snap chat’ where the user holds the screen for the short duration of the ad.
  • The type of interaction determines the donation amount. It wont be much but the idea is it adds up overtime.
  • Members will occasional receive notifications when a business wishes to make a short interaction. The user can do it whenever works best for them.

Why it will work

  • Every year businesses spend billions on ineffective advertisements. This app will provide a way to better reach a business’s target audience and do so in an engaging, effective way. Not to mention, I’m sure businesses would much rather see their money go to charity.
  • Technology has come a long way. Communication and connectivity is much easier today than it was in the past. Almost everyone carries a smart phone and uses apps.
  • Some people do not give to charity because of money constraints or simply the inconvenience of it. This app is easy to use and needs no money. All it takes is a little time.
  • Lastly, everyone has some charity that is specially important to them and think they will be thrilled to help. There will always be a good cause at which good people will rise to the occasion. I think everyone genuinely wants to change the world.
  • There has already been much success in a similar app like charity miles.

Created 11/21/2013 at 06:37 PM by borchtrav7 in Apps

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The problem I see is that businesses would not pay very much for this, this is turn would make people question weather it was worth filling out the questionnaire for 10 mins to see $0.10 donated. Still it would give the business a chance to get very specific feedback from a willing audience. I think their is potential but the issue is that which I have mentioned.

20 - Report abuse   November 23, 2013 at 6:31 pm by Anthony Flynn

I like the idea, could see it working. How would you advertise it?

00 - Report abuse   November 24, 2013 at 2:39 pm by Rachel Lister

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