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Tips to help to achieve your career and business New Years resolutions


Image: Tips to help to achieve your career and business New Years resolutions

It’s the 1st of January so its time to make your career and businesses new years resolutions. Make 2014 the year where to you stop hoping that things will fall into place and you yourself force them into place, take control of your situation. Here are some tips to help you achieve those important new years resolutions.

Find out what you really want before you make any resolutions.

Don’t just go for the traditional options like get promoted or get a new job.  Ask yourself why you want a new job, when you realise this, work out what job you really want and give yourself step by step targets on how to get there. If you work it out in a step by step process it will greatly aid you in your quest for improvement as you will constantly know what to do.

Ease yourself into it

You can’t change yourself in a week. Try to achieve your goals one by one if you try to do everything at once you will fail. You may also find attempting certain resolutions first will help the others. For example if one resolution was to work an extra hour a day, clearly start with this one as it will help to achieve the others.

Write them down

This is pretty obvious really but if you don’t you can end up forgetting certain news years resolutions. Once you have written it down stick it up right by your bed so it’s the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see when you fall asleep, this will help motivate you. If January goes badly it’s easy just to ‘loose’ the piece of paper and then fall back into your previous habits but you must not do this. Don’t take the paper down until every target has been met.

Let everyone know

Put some pressure on yourself by telling your family and friends that this year you going to start a business or what ever your target is. This will help motivate you as you will get constant little reminders and do you really want to go to a new years party in a years time and hear people whisper ‘I knew they wouldn’t do it’ or ‘did you set up a business then?’ To which your reply will involve looking at the floor and shaking your head.

 Never stop pushing

You may reach your goals early, don’t spend the remainder of the year resting on your laurels. Look for further improvement, if you have been promoted get promoted again, if you have been given a pay rise put in longer hours to prove to the boss they were right to do it.

Make 2014 your breakthrough year.

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