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University style dorms for young professionals


Before you read my idea please be aware I will not actually be doing it as I have no cash that would be needed for such a big project.

Having recently left university and found new accommodation I can’t help but feel that if there were university style dorms that could be rented out to ordinary people they would do well. You may be thinking how are they any different from ordinary flats, well here is how.

  • They would be very small and basic, shared showers and common rooms.
  • They would have a house manager who would pay all of the bills which obviously would be included in your rent and do all of the paperwork that living in a house brings.

The reason the dorms would be better than the flats is purely because of the convenience. You wouldn’t have any maintenance or paperwork to do, just live there on the cheap and with other young people.

With the job market being so competitive these days people really don’t have time to do jobs such as house and garden maintenance, this would solve the problem.

Any rich businessman that wants to do this, let me know because I need it! lol

Created 05/12/2014 at 03:41 PM by honeylawrence in Aged Care Accommodation

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Not a bad idea, but it would require huge investment. In a lot of places out of term time university’s rent out dorms anyway, so this proves the market exists.

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